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Greetings 타이틀
Welcome to the website of the Communion of Churches in Korea.
I give thanks to God who has called me for harmony and unity of Korean churches.
Since the founding of the CCIK 3 years ago, it has grown into an organization with the membership of 34 denominations and 10 institutions.
CCIK was launched in a situation, which recalls the one of the Reformation of Luther.
CCIK has come up to this day under the grace of God, and now it is time to make a new history of unity movement.
First, we should establish a sound relationship between denominations and evangelical institutions, and then promote the mission of national evangelization in preparation for reunification of South and North Korea.
I will humbly respond to God, who has called me to do those works.
First of all, I will do my best in order that CCIK become the representative organization of Korean churches.
I will serve CCIK for harmony of Korean churches, following the opinions of the members of CCIK.
I will work actively for coexistence of all denominations and institutions of ICCK.
Not being dominated by practical interests or convenience, I will listen to the voices of minority and serve them with careful consideration.
I will make efforts to establish the status of Korean churches and ICCK.
It is evident that social awareness of the church is to make evangelization smooth and lay groundwork for the church growth.
Accordingly, each denomination and church, like early church, will lead relief efforts for the poor and make an effort for social work.
We cannot delay the preparation for North Korea mission and reunification any longer.
We will help the strained relations of South and North Korea change into harmonious relations and develop a movement of church establishment.
It is impossible for a person's ability to solve these things.
I believe that all members of CCIK work together.
I will become a person who asks advice from all members and serves them.
I will do my best to glorify God who has given me an opportunity to humbly serve the Communion of Churches in Korea in this time of need for growth and change of Korean churches.
Thank you very much.

February 1, 2014.
Representative President Rev. Yeoung Hun Han.