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Articles of Association Preamble 타이틀
Korean churches have achieved unprecedented growth and revival in church history under the grace of Jesus Christ.
On the basis of a spirit of biblical unity and harmony of churches, Korean churches have sought oneness of church as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, although they have developed as churches centered on various denominations.
However, current situation of Korean churches is so miserable because Korean society does not respect nor trust them.
Even the church unity movement has been secularized and criticized by both church and society.
Therefore, new frame and contents are required on the basis of the call of God and church tradition, which has renewed itself.
Responding to the call of God, we sincerely desire to go the new way, which the Lord allows.

Believing in the New and Old Testaments as canon and confessing evangelical faith, we, as a member of Korean churches, will carry out the mission God gave us.
Holding on fast to the identity of evangelical theology and faith and taking responsibility for national evangelization and revival, growth and maturity of church, we will dedicate our best efforts to the realization of the kingdom of God on earth.
We will succeed to the noble heritage of our believing ancestors and strive for a responsible mission education for next generation.
We will cope with preserving the justice, peace and creation, which God gave to us, and take the initiative in caring and serving for the poor and the neglected.
Especially, we will pray for the peace of the Korean Peninsula and do our best to become churches preparing for reunification of South and North Korea.
We will also keep in step with world churches and seek for solution to find a way of unity and harmony through exchange.

We should carry these things out in a spirit of undertaking the second Reformation.
For these tasks, we will respect the faith confessions, traditions and theologies of each denomination.
We will carry forward various projects and missional efforts in order to fulfill the evangelzation and mission works assigned to us.
We sincerely desire to reveal the glory of God through our unity and testify to the love of God, which is shown for world.
Through our consensus, the will of God will be done on earth as it is in heaven and the kingdom of God will be realized.
Through this, we will preach the gospel of Christ to the whole world and realize the reconciliation, healing and the salvation of God, which makes all things new.
We believe that the Holy Spirit will guide our way.

The Communion of Churches in Korea will seek for new unity and harmony of Korean churches and fulfill the oneness more solidly in love and faith in order to carry out the mission given to us by God.