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 June 7~8. Visiting martyrs' shrine (Jun-Nam Youngkwang Yumsan church, Yawal church,
Jeoung-do Mun Jun-Kyoung minister martyr's site)
 May 31. Holding the second board of directors meeting and the first executive committee meeting. Completion of Gaehyoukchongyun investigation committee report Deciding to hold general assembly for the establishment of incorporated association.
 May 24. Presentation of appointment letter to chairman of standing committee and special chairman
 May 15. Holding the first board of directors meeting.
Organizing investigation committee on Gaehyoukchongyun matter.
Decision on denominational allotment individual fee.
 May 09. Holding CCIK general secretary council inaugural assembly
(Rev. Gui-Soo Choi elected as president )
 May 01. CCIK office opening service (Korea Christian Union Hall room # 508)
 April 24. CCIK extraordinary general meeting and inauguration of representative president Yoseph Kim (Woman Ministry Hall).
Approval of organization of board members, chairman of standing committee and chairman of special committee.
 March 29. CCIK general meeting for establishment.
Rev. Yoseph Kim elected as representative president.
 March 27. A meeting of members of CCIK election management committee.
A meeting of candidates and president and secretary general of candidates' denominations and seal for a fair election.
 March 23. A meeting of CCIK organizing preparation committee and confirmation of candidates' registration.
 March 15. CCIK steering committee confirms the criterion of attendant delegate of CCIK inaugural meeting.
 March 12. A meeting of president and secretary general of the denominations of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) normalization countermeasure committee.
Decision of postponement of the Christian Council of Korea normalization emergency meeting.
 March 10. CCK honorary president group suggests 4 articles of arbitration plan but CCK rejects them.
(approval of Rev. Jae-Chul Hong's 1 year term in the office of representative president, approval of the amended articles of association of the special general meeting, reappointment of board members, chairmen and staff members, and holding of an extraordinary general meeting in March.)
 March 03. A enlarged meeting of CCK normalization countermeasure committee steering members.
It is decided to hold tentatively named 'the Communion of Churches in Korea" inaugural meeting.
 Feb 25. CCK honorary president group composes a representative group for arbitration: Rev. Shin-Hyoung Um, Rev. Yong-Kyu Lee and Rev. Sung-Kyu Choi.
 Feb 22. A meeting of president group and secretary general group of CCK normalization countermeasure committee.
 Feb 21. Meetings of the former presidents' groups of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea and the Presbyterian Church of Korea.
 Feb 15. A policy consultation meeting of presidents and secretary general of 12 denominations for handling pending issue.
 Feb 14. Resumption of the regular general meeting by CCK executive branch.
 Feb 13. A meeting of the presidents of the denominations of CCK normalization countermeasure committee
 Feb 01. CCK honorary president group announces a arbitration plan - change of general meeting date Feb. 14 / change of place into Korea Christian United Hall / Change of election committee members on date 4 / Re-registration of candidate / Limit the right to vote to ex officio honorary presidents and dispatched delegates of member denominations and institutions.
 Jan 30. Rev. Jae-Chul Hong becomes a sole candidate for the 18th representative president of CCK (other candidates did not register).
 Jan 19. Jan. 19. The announcement of the convening of the CCK regular general meeting resumption and the election of the 18th president.
The announcement of the convening of the regular general meeting resumption: Time - 11:00 a.m. on Feb. 14 (Tuesday), 2012 / Place - Wang-Sung church.
The announcement of the election of the 18th president: Jan. 25 (Wed.) ~ 30 (Mon.) ; additional registration of candidate - Jan. 26.
Seoul central district court dismisses the petition for a provisional injunction for forbidding holding CCK general meeting.
5 denominations administration suspension inefficacious.
Amendment of articles of association and election of representative president are not allowed.
 Jan 17. Press conference of the CCK normalization countermeasure committee on nonattendance of CCK regular general meeting.
 Jan 16. CCK emergency directors' meeting.
The Presbyterian Church of Korea administration suspension and restriction of ex officio delegate membership right.
Dismissal of Kwang-Sun Lee from the office of election chairman.
 Jan 14. CCK honorary presidents urge to accept 5 articles such as change of schedule and place of general meeting and removal of the administration suspension, etc.
 Jan 12. Special prayer meeting for the normalization of the CCK.
 Jan 04. The close of registration as candidate for the CCK 18th representative president.
Recommended by the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea, Rev. Jae-Chul Hong solely registers for the representative presidential candidate.
The CCK normalization countermeasure committee makes a proclamation.